About Us

Caregiver is reading some book to the old patientGreat Home Healthcare was established in 2012 to assist both seniors and families in their effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle at home. We are a home health agency in Columbus, Ohio and governed by a five-member Board consisting of professionals with diverse educational background, extensive healthcare experiences and community representative.

Our motto embodies:

  • Independence
  • Safety
  • Improved Healthcare
  • Highest Quality of Life
  • Controlled Costs


The Great Home Healthcare mission is to provide high quality services, cost effective home care to person in need of the services. Caring and professional staff whose main objective is to offer the best possible care while meeting your health care needs.

Our Philosophy

Great Home Healthcare was established to address the specific needs of seniors, persons with disabilities and their families in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle at home.


Great Home Healthcare strives to provide care as needed at any given time to our patients and clients. It’s dedicated to the provision of comprehensive, quality, patient-centered care that is focused on each patient’s unique needs.


The primary goal of Great Home Healthcare is to be the provider of alternative for home care services: intermittent skilled nursing, home health aide, physical and occupational therapy.

  • Great Home Healthcare, through its consumer Board, provides leadership by collaboratively setting standards and options in home care services.
  • The Agency will always embrace the diverse consumer populations we serve by understanding each population’s uniqueness.
  • The Agency gives equal attention to families of children with disabilities, aging adults and adults with disabilities who use and need individual caregivers for personal care and help ease with their disabilities by providing care.
  • The Agency will work with its consumers/employers and their families, advocates, providers, and funding sources to encourage improvements in quality and availability as well as acknowledging consumer preferences by working to improve how their home care services are provided.
  • The Agency will hold accountable, in accordance with the Agency’s standards, for the home care services we provide. The Agency’s standards will continually reflect the clients’ interests and needs. The Agency will ensure screened and qualified individual are available to support consumers in meeting their personal in-home care needs.
  • We continue to establish and cultivate partnerships with all stakeholders in order to further the agency’s mission of improving the quality of in-home care services in Ohio.

It is the goal of Great Home Healthcare to provide you with a caring and professional staff whose main objective is to offer the best possible care while meeting your health care needs. We understand that conflicts may arise from time to time and we want you to be aware that Great Home Healthcare has a system in place to resolve conflicts.

Please call us at 614-475-4026 or 614-475-4238 for any concerns about our services and staff.